Plus Two English Previous Year Question Paper 2017

Kerala Plus Two English Previous Year Question Paper 2017

Time: 2 1/2 Hour
Cool off time: 15 Minutes
Maximum: 80 Score

General Instructions to candidates:

  • There is cool off time of 15 minutes in addition to the writing time of 2’A
  • You are not allowed to write your answers or to discuss anything with others during the cool off time’.
  • Read questions carefully before answering.
  • All questions are compulsory and the only internal choice is allowed.
  • When you select a question, all the sub-questions must be answered from the same question itself.
  • Electronic devices except non-programmable calculators are not allowed in the Examina­tion Hall.

(Question Nos. 1-3): Read the passage and answer the questions that follow:

“I knew then that this could be my country, and that whatever I did here could make more of a difference than in the manicured reality of my university life in the states.”

Question 1.
Who is the narrator?

Question 2.
What does the author mean by the word “manicured”?
a. Scholastic
b. Polished
c. Commonplace
d. Exciting

Question 3.
Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions :
The teacher was obliged…………………….. begin the story……………… a bison and a tiger, and then he passed on………………… “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” and “Aladdin’s Lamp”.The boy listened, rapt and ordered. “I want to hear the story of the bison again. It is good….”. The teacher was short………………………………………………………………….. breath.

Question 4.
Edit the following letter of recommendation correcting the mistakes, if any.
Dear Sir,
The purpose of this letter was to provide a character reference to Mr. Ram whom I have known as a colleague and a friend for a period of five years. I believe I were in a position to provide you with a pretty accurate assessment of his character.

As an employee, he has been very hard working and highly committed to his job. He has also been very outgoing and always willing to help others. I would conclude saying that Mr. Ram is a fine, well-balanced person with an abundance of positive qualities.

Yours Sincerely,

(Question Nos 5-6): Read the passage and answer the questions:

“It is time to create a world where all women can meet their potential without impedi­ment or prejudice and the world will reap the benefits. The three Ls will help us get there.”

Question 5.
What are the three Ls referred to?

Question 6.
What does “impediment” mean?

Question 7.
The Amigo brothers left the ring arm in arm, without waiting for the verdict. Prepare the script for an announcement to be made soon after their exit.

Question 8.
“Some tortures are physical and some are mental
But the one that is both is dental”.
Why does the poet find it hard to keep calm while sitting before a dentist?

Question 9.
“We are called to assist the Earth to heal her wounds and in the process heal our own indeed, to embrace the world of creation in all its diversity, beauty and wonder.” Prepare a blog entry based on your understanding of Wangari Maathai s speech.

Question 10.
Fill in the blanks choosing the correct expressions from those given in brackets: After Marshall left Baldwin took out his diary and wrote as follows :
God! What a turn of events! I never thought that my own wife and children would persuade me to do a dishonorable thing. I was almost……………… (pushing/pushed) into accepting the bribe. Thank God, Marshall………………… (coming /came at the right time: His………………. (offering/offered) the position came as a pleasant surprise, though. I ……………………. (feels/feel) pity for poor Gresham. May God bless him.

Question 11.
While reading about Irfan Alam’s Sammaan rickshaws, you are reminded of the taxi’ introduced in Kerala. Write an e-mail to Irfan Alam informing him about this project for the social and economic empowerment of women.
(‘She taxi’ – technology – enabled safety cab services – operated by women – to carry women commuters – first of its kind in India – 24 x 7 – with emergency response systems and control room – ensures the safety of women travelers – empowers the women – makes them financially independent.)

Question 12.
The teacher in “Crime and Punishment” is a pathetic figure at the mercy of his stu­dent who blackmails him. Don’t you think that he should change his approach to the child for making him disciplined? Write four sentences giving your suggestions to the teacher.

Question 13.
The incident that occurs in the play “Post Early for Christmas” shows the lack of se­curity measures in the post office as well as the ignorance of the postal and the police personnel about handling an issue. Prepare a news report of the incident highlight­ing the corrective measures to be taken.

Question 14.
After reading “Mending Wall” and in the wake of newspaper reports about millions of refugees who are denied entry into the developed nations you feel that there should be one world for all without any walls or boundaries. Prepare a script for presentation as the first speaker in a panel discussion on “OneWorld Without Walls”.

Question 15.
What are the personality changes manifested due to the sensory deprivation induced by drug addiction, according to Dr. Hardin B. Jones?

Question 16.
Read the following advertisement and prepare a letter of application and a resume in response to it.
Plus Two English Previous Year Question Papers and Answers 2017 1
Question 17.
Wangari Maathai’s Nobel Prize Acceptance speech reveals how environmental degra­dation is carried out on a large scale basis. Prepare an essay on the factors that lead to the destruction of our environment.
“The challenge is to restore the home of the tadpoles and give back to our children a world of beauty and wonder.” Wangari Maathai calls upon the youth to save the earth from destruction. Write an essay exploring the positive steps that we can take to save the planet from environmental degradation.

Question 18.
The literary club of your school is celebrating the International Women’s Day. Prepare the script for
a speech on “Educating the girl child” to be delivered on the occasion.
“…They need to change the mindset and reset the narrative in their favor. So it is essential that women be ready to “dare the difference” – to take risks and step outside their comfort zones.” Based on your reading of Christine Lagarde’s speech, prepare an essay on how women can realise their true potential.

Question 19.
Read the following poem and compare it with “Any Woman” by Katharine Tynan.

The Sad Mother

Sleep, sleep, my beloved,
without worry, without fear,
although my soul does not sleep,
although I do not rest.

Sleep, sleep and in the night
may your whispers be softer
then a leaf of grass,
or the silken fleece of lambs.

May my flesh slumber in you,
my worry, my trembling,
In you, may my eyes close
and my heart sleep.

Gabriela Mistral


Answer 1.
The narrator is Shaheen Mistri.

Answer 2.
(b) Polished

Answer 3.
The teacher was obliged to begin the story of a bison and a tiger, and then he passed on to “Alibaba and the Forty Thieves” and “Aladdin’s Lamp”. The boy listened, rapt and ordered. “I want to hear the story of the bison again. It is good… The teacher was short of breath.

Answer 4.
is to provide
am in a position
hard working
an abundance of/with abundant positive qualities.

Answer 5.
Learning, labour, and leadership

Answer 6.
Barrier/Difficulty/Obstacle etc.

Answer 7.
Wow!!! Ladies and Gentlemen,
After a powerful fight, the Amigo brothers left the stage even before the winner was declared embracing each other.
The contest finally became a take of friendship. The contest between Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas was a fight to the death instead of a boxing match. Tompkins Square has witnessed a tight match where Antonio Cruz emerged as the winner to represent the boy’s club in golden gloves tournament. Congrats to both the participants, you showed us that true friendship is worth a hundred victories.

Answer 8.
‘This is going to hurt just a little bit by ‘Odgen. Nash’ is a humorous poem filled with exaggerations, puns, and metaphors. It gives a graphic description of the whole experience of sitting on a dental chair which causes both mental and physical pain.

The poet feels it hard to keep it calm while sitting before a dentist because he thinks it is difficult with the fingernails making serious alterations in the lifelines or love lines or some other important line in your palm. The poet comments that dental treatment destroys the Calmness of people. It is a state in which people lose all their dignity and status. He finds it below personal esteem to sit in front of a dentist losing all the cheery benignity. The poet compares the mouth to a section of road that is being worked on.

Answer 9.
How to Save our Earth
28th June 2017 / Manju Shivadas
Have you ever wondered the role of biodiversity in maintaining environmental balance?
Biodiversity or Biological diversity is the variety of life on earth. It is estimated to include about 10 million different species. One of the most striking aspects of environmental degradation is the rapid decline of diversity in many ecosystems. The decline is not limited to increased rates of extinction of species but includes loss in genetic and functional diversity across population, community, ecosystem, landscape and global scales. When forests are cleared local biodiversity is destroyed. It is high time humans stopped threatening its life support system and take the initiative to heal the wounds of mother earth. These can be the development without sustainable management of the environment in a democratic and peaceful space. Young people have to commit themselves to activities that contribute toward achieving their long-term dreams. They are the gift to their communities and indeed the world.
Dear youth, what have you decided? Are you ready?

Answer 10.
God! What a turn of events! I never thought that my own wife and children would persuade me to do a dishonorable thing. I was almost pushed into accepting the bribe. Thank God, Marshall came at the right time. His offering the position came as a pleasant surprise. I feel pity for Gresham. May God bless him.

Answer 11.
Subject: To inform about ‘She taxi service introduced in Kerala.
Dear Sir,

This mail is to inform you about the ‘She taxi, the 24 x 7 taxi service operated by women for women travelers. The 24 x 7 She Taxi Service has an advanced safety enabled technology. That would make traveling much safer and secure. The cab is designed and integrated with Global Positioning Sys­tem which enables to monitor and track the activities of the traveler as well as the driver. ‘She taxi’ is a project that enhances women entrepreneurship, self-employment and financial security of women. It is a ser­vice that is expected to solve the traveling problems of women in late hours up to an extent. It will support the women travelers from the working category and the tourists vis­iting Kerala. If you need more information, you may contact me through e-mail or the phone number given below.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thanking you,
Telephone No xxxxx99887

Answer 12.

  • You should not hold a grudge against naughty students.
  • You should try to find out if the students have problems in his/her family.
  • If I were you I wouldn’t have lost my temper with your student.
  • I would like to suggest that you remain calm with naughty children.

Answer 13.
Parcel mistaken for Timebomb

Manchester, Britain, 15 August 2017: This funny incident took place in a small post office in Britain. The parcel which was brought by a foreign tourist was mistaken to be a time bomb. Actually, it was a clock that the foreigner had posted to send for his friend for Christmas. This indicates the lack of responsibility of the postal department. Nowadays mail and postal facilities are tempting targets for theft and other crimi­nal acts. There are activities taking place that risk the safety of the employees. Proper corrective measures are to be taken to pre­vent such activities. Each postal region must have a security control office and each post­al region must have an Area Security Coor­dinator. Only if strict actions are taken the safety in the postal department can be ensured.

Answer 14.
Talk by First Person:

Wise people tell us that it is not enough to be humans, it is far more important to live our lives as humans. To do this, we must heed the golden rules of tried and tested wisdom. Walls are always separating us .from others. So there is no need for walls or fences. We must all live without any bar­riers or boundaries. In this way, we can lead a harmonious life. If we make walls, we will be alone within it. A thing that we should keep in mind is to maintain fraternity and tolerance because these two are the im­portant elements for harmonious living. When we make a wall around us, we lose our freedom. Therefore it is my decision not to build walls in our own minds and discriminate others based on caste, race or creed. All are one before God.

Answer 15.
‘Dangers of Drug Abuse’ is an essay written by Dr. Hardin B. Jones as a warning against the overuse and abuse of drugs. Nowadays people believe that any illness can be treated by taking a pill. This has led to widespread drug abuse. At the first sign of nervous­ness people use stimulant drugs. They use drugs not only when they are depressed but when they feel good too. They depend on drugs not to solve their problems but also to forget them. Ultimately the sensory dep­rivation of the drug addict manifests itself in a general feeling of physical discomfort and in personality changes.

The addict feels depressed and fails to respond either to his environment or to other people. His mental disturbance can be quite similar to para­noia. He cannot discern the source of his problem and looks for the cause in every­thing but himself. The addict often feels that people are looking at him strangely. Drugs, after all, act directly on the brain and diuse mental mechanisms to respond abnormally. The risks are great for the persistent user. In particular, there is the danger that he will do himself a. great deal of harm before the warning symptoms occur.

Answer 16.
Senders Address Date
Receivers Address Dear Sir,

In response to the advertisement found in the daily, I would like to apply for the post of Maths Teacher in your school. I have a masters degree in maths with 85% marks and have got the experience of teaching in a Chennai based school for the past four years. Good communication skills are one among my strengths. I have developed -confidence and an interest in teaching. I am extremely interested in obtaining a faculty position at your school. I herewith attach my curricu­lum vitae/Resume. Thank you for taking the time to consider this application. I look forward to hearing from you in near future.

Yours sincerely


Name                      :
Current address     :
Permanent address :
Email                       :
Objective:  Teaching

  1. MSc Maths(85%)
    Qualification: Kerala University
  2. (2012 – 2014)
  3. BSc Maths (87%)
    Calicut University
  4. HSE(Science 83%)
    HSE Kerala State
    (2007 – 2009)

Experience: Four years teaching experie­nce in Green Land Public School, Chennai.
Interests : Painting, Reading
Languages : English, Malayalam, Hindi

Answer 17.
Environmental degradation is the disinteg­ration of the earth or deterioration of the en­vironment through consumption of assets, for example, air, water, and soil; the destruc­tion of environments and the eradication of wildlife. Degradation occurs when earth natural resources are depleted and environ­ment is compromised in the form of extinc­tion of species, pollution in the air, water, and soil and rapid growth in population. Envi­ronmental degradation is one of the largest threats that are being looked at in the world today. A more basic cause of environmen­tal degradation island damage. Another factor is Pollution. Pollution in whatever form, whether it is air, water, land or noise is harmful to the environment. Air pollution pol­lutes the air we breathe, which causes health issues.

Water pollution degrades the quality of water that we use for drinking purposes ‘Land Pollution results in degradation of earth surface as a result of human activi­ties. Noise pollution can cause unrepairable damage to our ears when exposed To con­tinuous large sounds like honking of vehicles on a busy road or machines producing large noise in a factory or mill.

Overpopulation is another cause of envi­ronmental degradation. Rapid population growth puts strain on natural resources which results in degradation of our envi­ronment. Landfills are another factor that pollutes the environment and destroys the beauty of nature. Landfills pose a great risk to the health of the environment and the people. Environmental degradation has a huge impact on human health. Areas exposed to toxic air pollutants can cause respiratory problems like pneumonia and asthma.
Our planet is the most important thing in all of our lives, regardless of who we are. Pre­venting environmental degradation is a jour­ney that we should all take part in. Keep­ing our planet clean for future generation is one of the most important things we can do with our limited time here. Air, soil and wa­ter are our most precious resources and we simply cannot afford to lose them. With­out these three sources, we would vanish.
Reduce Overall Consumption of Resources.

Our natural resources that the planet gives us are limited but many people put down our consumption by at least 70%. This is a ” great loss.

Reuse all the resources and materials that we possibly can. Second-hand consump­tion is definitely looked down upon, prob­ably because we know that for what we use, we’ll have more eventually. However, this will not be the case forever. Once some­thing runs out, we will never be able to get that resource back.

Recycle what we can, whenever we can. Recycling is the best way to slow down environmental degradation and is something that everyone should partake in.
Give back to the Environment. The best possible way to help prevent environmental degradation is to give back to the Environment. You can do this successfully by planting three trees for everyone that is cut down.

Answer 18.
Good afternoon,
It is great to be among friends and kindred spirits. I am here to deliver a speech on the topic of ‘Educating the girl child’.

Education of a child starts from the family and mother is the first teacher. But the irony in India is that although the deity of education is a female ie Goddess Saraswati according to Hinduism, innumerable women are illiterate. Right from the early Vedic period people have been celebrating the birth of a son, but in those days daughters born into a family were not neglected and educated properly. However, the scene changed during the later Vedic age and the daughters were considered as a social burden. Education provides an essential qualification to fulfill certain economic, political and cultural functions and improves women’s socioeconomic status. It brings a reduction in inequalities in society.

Only educated women can understand the needs of the family. A mother knows what is good for her kids and how they should be brought up. Thus educated mothers would promote education for all their children without discrimination. If girls are not educated they remain dependent on their husbands after marriage and on their children after the death of their spouse.

If girls are educated, they will no longer be dependent on anyone and they can do a lot for their uplift. Thus let us start educating the female children, the face of society. With this, I conclude my speech. Thank you All.
Education is the foundation of any change. By properly educating women they can realize their power and help themselves to break the chains of discrimination. The speaker believes that labour is the key factor that enables women, to achieve their true potential. But in today’s economic scenario, even when women and men are engaged in the same work, women are entitled to low wages, low status, and low job security when compared with men. Change must happen with equal pay for equal work’ as the prime objective. Property of inheritance law should be monitored so that there is no discrimination against women. Women can achieve economic independence when loans are provided to them.

Leadership is an important factor in em­powering women as they can exhibit the abilities and talents hidden in them and can rise and accomplish in life. Women must have the confidence to come out of the comfort zone, face challenges and make differences in society. Then the differ­ence will happen. It is time to create a world where all women can meet their potential without any barrier and the world will reap the benefits.

Answer 19.
Gabriela Mistral in her poem ‘The Sad Mother’ underlines the thoughts presented in the poem ‘Any Woman’ by Katharine Tynan. The focus is on love and patience of a mother as in ‘Any Woman where the poet says nothing can become a substitute to mother’s love and care. The soothing and comforting role of a mother is presented beautifully by the nostalgic feelings of the poet. The ‘Sad Mother’ is a poem which shows the stress and love that a mother has with her newborn baby. Mothers lack sleep while the baby sleeps in her arms. The baby stays close to a mother’s skin feeling their precious touch. Mothers will do all they have to do to keep their babies safe, even if that means sacrificing themselves.

This ap­plies to many other situations. If you really love something you will do anything for it. Sometimes you have to give up your hap­piness or needs to help the person you love and truly care about to be happy. The poet highlights the idea that a mother’s care is in­comparable.

The same idea is communicated through the poem ‘Any Woman by Katherine Tynan. Tynan prays to God and the society not to take away the mother till her children grow up. She says what the children live and thrive is the warmth of mother’s love. A mother binds her children with strings of love which prevents them from scattering away. As the name ‘Any Woman suggests the poem portrays the feelings and views of any woman.

Plus Two English Previous Year Question Papers and Answers

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