Plus Two Computer Application Previous Year Question Paper 2017

Kerala Plus Two Computer Application Previous Year Question Paper 2017

Time: 2 Hours
Cool off time: 15 Minutes
Maximum: 60 Scores

  • There is a ‘cool off time’ of 15 minutes in addition to the writing time of 2 hrs.
  • Use the ‘cool off time’ to get familiar with the questions and to plan your answers.
  • Read questions carefully before you answering.
  • Read the instructions carefully.
  • Calculations, figures and graphs should be shown in the answer sheet itself.
  • Malayalam version of the questions is also provied.
  • Give equations wherever necessary.
  • Electronic devices except non programmable calculators are not allowed in the Examination Hall.

Plus Two Computer Application Previous Year Question Papers and Answers

Question 1.
Which among the following is equivalent to the statement series b = a, a = a + 1?
a. b + = a
b. b = a + +
c. b = + + a
d. b + = a + b

Question 2.
A designed website has to be uploaded into a………to make it available to the internet users all over the world.

Question 3.
A 4G mobile network uses…………
d. None of these

Question 4.
Write the output of the following C++ code segment.
char S1 [10] = “Computer”;
char S2 [ 15] = “Applications”;
strcp (S1, S2);

Question 5.
Plus Two Computer Application Previous Year Question Papers and Answers 2017Q5

Question 6.
Answer any one from 6 (a) or 6 (b).
a. Compare static and dynamic web pages.
b. Compare client side scripting and server side scripting languages.

Question 7.
Answer any one from 7 (a) or 7 (b).
a. Amita wanted to get the name ‘’ for her newly designed website. How it is possible ?
b. Ajith created a website using the software ‘Joomla’. What is the perculiarity of this software and write any four advantages of using this software ?

Question 8.
Is it possible to combine SELECT and PROJECT operations of relational algebra into a single statement? Explain with an example.

Question 9.
Write a short note on Android operating system.

Question 10.
What is copyright ? How does it differ from patent ?

Question 11.
In RDBMS a relation contains 10 rows and 5 columns. What is the degree of the relation ?

Question 12.
What is an external JavaScript file ? Write the advantages of using an external Java-Script file.

Question 13.
Explain different level of data abstraction in DBMS.

Question 14
is an SQL data type which is used to represent variable length string.

Question 15.
A statement in a loop forces the termination of that loop.

Question 16
is a server that acts as a bridge between merchant server and bank server.

Question 17.
Write C++ initialization statement to initialize an integer array name ‘MARK’ with the values 70, 80, 85, 90.

Question 18.
Write a C++ program to input 10 numbers into an integer array and find the sum of numbers which are exact multiple of 5.

Question 19.
Explain two stream functions for input operation with example.

Question 20.
The structure of the table ‘EMPLOYEE’ is given below.
Empcode            Numeric
Empname          String
Basicpay             Numeric
DA                        Numeric
Grosspay             Numeric
Write SQL statement for the following:
a. Insert record into the table.
b. Update DA with 60% basic pay.
c. Display the details of employees whose basic pay is greater than 20,000.
d. Rename the table EMPLOYEE to EMP DETAILS.

Question 21.
Write the complete HTML tag that links the text “PSC” to the website

Question 22.
Explain nesting of framesets with an example.

Question 23.
Every web browser has default colours to display text and hyperlink. How can we change these default colour ?

Question 24.
Write the HTML code to create the following table.
Plus Two Computer Application Previous Year Question Papers and Answers 2017Q24

Question 25.
Answer any one from 25(a) or 25(b).
a. Explain the importance of BPR in ERP implementation.
b. Selection of ERP package is very crucial in the implementation of ERP system. Give a short note on any four popular ERP packages.

Question 26.
Develop a webpage to display the following screen:
Plus Two Computer Application Previous Year Question Papers and Answers 2017Q26
The user can enter a name in the textbox. On checking the ‘show’ button the name entered in the textbox should be changed into uppercase. Include JavaScript code in the HTML for doing this.

Question 27.
“ Initialized formal arguments are called default arguments”. Using this concept write the function prototype and definition of a user defined function Sum () which accept two or three integer numbers and return their sum.


Answer 1.
b. b = a++

Answer 2.
web server

Answer 3.

Answer 4.

Answer 5.
Plus Two Computer Application Previous Year Question Papers and Answers 2017A5
Plus Two Computer Application Previous Year Question Papers and Answers 2017A5.1

Answer 6.
a. Static web pages:

  1. The content and layout of a web page is fixed.
  2. Static web pages never use databases.
  3. Static web pages directly run on the browser and do not require any server side application program.
  4. Static web pages are easy to develop.

Dynamic web pages:

  1. The content and layout may change during run time.
  2. Database is used to generate dynamic content through queries.
  3. Dynamic web page runs on the server side application program and displays the results.
  4. Dynamic web page development requires programming skills.


b. Client side scripting:

  1. Script is copied to the client browser.
  2. Script is executed in the client browser.
  3. Client side scripts are mainly used for validation of data at the client.
  4. Users can block client side scripting.
  5. The type and version of the web browser affects the working of a client side script.

Server side scripting:

  1. Script remains in the web server.
  2. Script is executed in the web server and the web page produced is returned to the client browser.
  3. Server side scripts are usually used to connect to databases and return data from the web server.
  4. Server side scripting cannot be blocked by a user.
  5. The features of the web browser does not affect the working of server side script.

Answer 7.
a. After finalising a suitable domain name for our website, we have to check whether this domain name is available for registration or its is already in use by somebody else. The websites like check the database of ICANN that contain the list of all the registered domain names. If the domain name entered is available, we can proceed with the registration. The registration requires filling information for WHOIS database of domain names for ICANN. WHOIS information requires the name, address, telephone number and email address of the registrant. After paying the annual registration fees online, the do¬main is purchased and is registered in our name. Our domain name has to be connected to the IP address if the web server where the web pages are stored. This is done using ‘A record’ (Address record) of the domain. An ‘A record’ is used to store the IP address of a web server connected to a domain name.
b. Joomla! is a CMS software. CMS software refers to a web based software system which is capable of creating, administering and publishing websites. CMS provides an easy way to design and manage websites. Most CMS is available for free download at their websites. CMS provides standard security features in its design that help even people with less technical knowledge to design and develop secure websites.

Answer 8.
Yes. It is possible to combine SELECT and PROJECT operations into a single statement.
eg., To select admission number and name of students who are eligible for higher studies.
Plus Two Computer Application Previous Year Question Papers and Answers 2017A8

Answer 9.
Android is a Linux based operating system designed for smart phones and tablet PC. It was orginally developed by Android Inc. which was later acquired by Google. Android OS consists of Linux kernel. The Android code is released under Apache License. The wide acceptance of Android is due to its open source nature. Programs for Android, also called “apps”, come from the Google Play store.

Answer 10.
Copyright: It is a legal right given to the creators for an original work, usually for a limited period of time. The general rule is that the copyright lasts for 60 years after the death of the last surviving author. Registration of copyright gives a legal status to a creative work.
Patents: It is the exclusive rights granted for an invention. The term of every patent India is 20 years from the date of patent application. Once a patent expires, the protection ends and an invention can be used by the public freely.

Answer 11.

Answer 12.
We can place the scripts into an external file and then link to that file from within the HTML document. This file is saved with the extension ‘.js’. Placing JavaScripts in external files has some advantages. This is useful if the same scripts is used across multiple HTML page or a whole website. It separates HTML and code which makes HTML and JavaScript easier to read and maintain. Storing JavaScript as separate files can speed up page loading.

Answer 13.
The three levels of data abstraction are:
1. Physical level:
It is the lowest level of abstraction. The physical level describes complex low level data structures in detail. We must decide what file organisations are to be used to store the relations and create auxiliary data structures, called indexes, to speed up data retrieved operations.
2. Logical level:
It is is the next higher level of abstraction describes what data is stored in the database, and what relationship exist among those data. It describes the entire database in terms of a small number of relatively simple structures. The user of the logical level does not need to be aware of the complexity. Logical level is also referred as conceptual level.
3. View level:
It is the highest level of database abstraction and is closest to the users. It is concerned with the way in which individual users view the data. It describes only a part of the^ entire data-base. Most of the users are not concerned with all the information that is contained in the database.

Answer 14.
VARCHAR (size)

Answer 15.

Answer 16.
Payment gateway

Answer 17.
int MARK [4] = {70, 80, 85, 90};

Answer 18.
Plus Two Computer Application Previous Year Question Papers and Answers 2017A18

Answer 19.
i. get ( ). It can accept a single character or multiple characters (string) through the keyboard. To accept a string, an array name and size are to be given as arguments.
eg., ch = cin.get(ch);
cin.get (ch);
cin.get (str, 10);
ii. getline ( ). It accepts a string through the keyboard. The delimiter will be Enter key, the number of characters or a specified character,
eg., cin.getline (str.len);
cin.getline (str,len,ch);

Answer 20.
Plus Two Computer Application Previous Year Question Papers and Answers 2017A20

Answer 21.
<A Href=“”>
“PSC” </A>

Answer 22.
Nesting of frameset is the process of inserting a frameset within another frame-set. The tag pair <NOFRAMES> and </NOFRAMES> is used to display some text content in the window if the browser is unable to support frames.
Plus Two Computer Application Previous Year Question Papers and Answers 2017A22

Answer 23.
Text. This attribute specifies the colour of the text content in the page. By default the browser displays the text in black colour on a white/grey background. Link. This attribute specifies the colour of the hyperlinks that are not visited by the viewer. The default colour for Link attribute is blue. Alink. It specifies the colour of the active hyperlink. The default Alink colour is green. Vlink. It specifies the colour of the hyper-link which is already visited by the viewer. The default colour for Vlink is purple.

Answer 24.
Plus Two Computer Application Previous Year Question Papers and Answers 2017A24
Plus Two Computer Application Previous Year Question Papers and Answers 2017A24.1

Answer 25.
a. BPR is the analysis and redesign of work flow in an enterprise. It deals with changes in the structure and process of business. Re-engineering helps to reduce cost and effective use of resources. Business process re-engineering is a key component of ERP success. Business process re-engineering is also known as business process redesign. Before implementing ERP we need to conduct a BPR to determine the changes in the structure of business process. This helps to an enterprise to avoid unnecessary modules in ERP. But all BPR may not lead to the implementation of new ERP. The different phases in ERP implementation are:

  1. Pre-evaluation screening: By selecting appropriate modulefrom those available in the market, we can limit the number of modules to be evaluated.
  2. Packageselection: SinceanERPsystem needs huge investments; once a pack-age is selected and purchased, it is not easy to switch on to another one.
  3. Project planning: In this stage the implementation of process is planned and designed.
  4. Gap analysis: There is not a single complete ERP package available for meeting all the requirements of an organization.
  5. Business Process Re-engineering (BPR): Re-engineering may result in efficient time management, reduced cost, and effective utilization of resources.
  6. Installation and configuration: This is the main functional phase of ERP.
  7. Implementation and team training: This is the phase where the company trainsts employees to implement and works on the system.
  8. System testing: The software is tested to ensure that it works properly.
  9. Going live: This is the phase where ERP is made available to the entire organization.

b. Selection of ERP package is crucial in implementing of an ERP system. This selection and implementation increases the productivity. There are many ERP vendors around the world. Some of the ERP vendors are:

  1. Oracle:
    Head quarters at Redwood shores, California, USA. Oracle was working for its database rather than ERP. Oracle is famous for its finance and accounting module. It also provide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and Supply Chain management software (SCM).
  2. SAP (Systems Applications and Prod-ucts):
    It is German company. They develop ERP solutions for both small and large organizations. It also provide Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Suply Chain Management (SCM) and Product Life Cycle Mana-gement (PLM) software etc.
  3. Odoo: It is an open source ERP. It can be customized based the requirements of organization. It was formerly known as OpenERP.
  4. Microsoft Dynamics: Provides ERP packageto midsized organization. It can be installed and used easily with good user interface. They also provide CRM software.
  5. Tally ERP: Indian company with head-quarters at Banglore. Provide ERP solution for accounting, inventory and payroll.

Answer 26.
Plus Two Computer Application Previous Year Question Papers and Answers 2017A26
Plus Two Computer Application Previous Year Question Papers and Answers 2017A26.1

Answer 27.
We can give default values as arguments while declaring a function. While calling a function the user doesn’t give a value as arguments the default value will be taken. That is we can call a function with or without giving values to the default arguments. Consider a function Sum ( ) with the argument list as follows. This function accepts three numbers.
int Sum (int a, int b = 0, int c = 0)
int s = a + b + c; return s;
The two arguments b and c are given default value 0. So, this function can be invoked in the following ways.
int s1 = Sum (2,10,40);
int s2 = Sum (1,30);
int s3 = Sum (3);
It is important to note that all the default arguments must be placed from the right to the left in the argument list. When a function is called, actual arguments are passed to the formal arguments from left onwards.

Plus Two Computer Application Previous Year Question Papers and Answers

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